And we flip back to the GOP perhaps

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And we flip back to the GOP perhaps Empty And we flip back to the GOP perhaps

Post  ExoticWhiteMan on Wed Feb 24, 2010 3:01 pm

If you've read the news lately, a whole lot of it covers the healthcare reform the Democrats have been working for since last fall. A big deal is that midterm elections are coming up this November, so the actions Democrats and Obama have taken could have big consequences for their party. Personally, I think they're hugely screwed over.

As everyone knows, that crash a few years ago hammered the economy and many people lost and are still losing their jobs. A few years later, we're slowly starting to recover, it's not as bad as expected, or whatever the hell the economists feel to say right now about it. Between the economy and the Iraq war, people were unhappy with Bush, and oh look, here's a progressive who will bring hope and change, so people vote him in and the democrats take a majority so now the good party can do good stuff for the country, right? Here's where it gets interesting.

Obama's been president for a little over a year and has a near supermajority in Congress to work with. Problem is, things aren't getting much better for the country. The wars require more troops and money, the bank bailouts have everyone angry, and the economy still sucks despite the bailouts. I know, it averted a worse disaster by keeping banks solvent or w/e, but Ron Paul and others agree with me that bankruptcies needed to happen for the economy to truly strengthen. Regardless, thatís another topic, and the point is a whole lot of spending was done and people are still hurting. So what do we now. . . . .healthcare, of course! (sarcasm)

Granted, our healthcare system is expensive as hell and thereís a lot of bad things about it. So, maybe trying to makes reforms to make it better isnít so bad. People would disagree on its priority right now, but letís just assume we should try some sort of reform. The ensuing political fire storm is causing more finger pointing than I can keep track of, really. From the Republican perspective, Democrats are trying to force through reform that makes the government bigger, causes more spending, and isnít effective. The Democrats supposedly dump a huge, fucked up bill onto the floor, and demand the GOPís participation. Between the Iowa sweetheart deal (the bastard senator) and the fact that we need to cut spending and lower the deficit and debt, NOT RAISE IT, the GOP cause sounds legitimate.

From the other side, the Democrats are arguing that the GOP has refused to work together to craft any bill at all, and will filibuster as much as necessary to make Obama look weak and cause him to fail, at any cost. Exacerbating this is the fact that the Democrats canít even stand together behind their own proposed reform, and wasted their supermajority while they had it. Their last hope is to pass a bill through reconciliation, which requires only 51 votes, not 60.

But, to get those 51 votes, Obama has decided not to push for a public option, Over 70% of Americans are said to want a plan with a public option, but if the plan doesnít have it, 30-some% of people want it. Thatís a big drop. Some senators have been pushing a petition to get it, and might have succeeded with a White House push. But, no such help from the leadership arrived, and it looks like theyíll settle for no public option. This might help pass the bill, but guess what. You just pissed off more than half of the populus because you didnít deliver, Obama. You touted healthcare are something vital and important for people suffering in the system, and you come off Capital Hill will a half assed piece of crap bill that most people hate. Without the public option, insurance companies can easily circumvent the new rules and play dirty, just like the credit cards have already done. People can blame the GOP, but you have to admit, the Democrats severely lacked leadership in crafting this bill. The crappy patchwork of sweetheart deals and weak reforms, coupled with the huge need to suppress spending, makes this the worst possible time to pass this bill. People are realizing this, and if the recent elections say anything, the democrats might have screwed themselves out of office this November.

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And we flip back to the GOP perhaps Empty Re: And we flip back to the GOP perhaps

Post  Church1ll on Wed Feb 24, 2010 11:07 pm

As surprising as this sounds, I agree. The Dems didn't just shoot themselves in the foot on this, they whipped out a rocket launcher and blew off half their body. As much as I want the health care bill to get passed and whatnot, I'd rather see it with a public option. Like you said, health insurance companies will do to their customers what credit card companies have been doing for some time. Actually, since it'd become law to have health insurance, they'll act more like car insurance companies and fuck you over at every possible turn. They really should have kept the public option, the one thing the people actually liked about the bill.

On a side note, the government should consider disbanding all parties and force everyone to stand on their own two feet. That way those we, the people, elect in to office make their choices based on their own principles rather than principles set by a particular group. Maybe then things would actually get done in this country.

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