What we have to fear

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What we have to fear

Post  ExoticWhiteMan on Sun Nov 09, 2008 12:16 am

What is pasted below is a comment off a site called Soda Head. I found it when I clicked on an ad that said, "Did Obama buy the election?"


One of the comments I read is extensive and conservative. It doesn't name sources for what it claims. However, much of it seems believable. Before you cry "racist", "sore loser", or any other crap, keep in mind that this is someone else's comment, and I thought the conclusions and insights were worth reading and thinking about. Yes, I anticipate that many of it's claims cannot be proven, but I think every single one of them is a strong possibility, which is why I'll leave it unproven, for you to decide and think about for yourself. The poster's insight is intelligent, and notes many elements of the election that we've brought up in this forum. At the least, it's a good read, so here it is:

This election was not about issues, or events, or even parties or politics. This election was totally about what is fair and not fair in the evaluation of a candidate. This election was totally about what is reasonable and not reasonable - in the evaluation of a candidate. No useful dialogue about “healing” or “cooperation” or anything else can happen until this is understood.

For all the previous elections, there have been two candidates with different views and different proposed solutions. A voter could evaluate those differences, factor in party affiliation, compare it to your own world view, and try to make a well-reasoned choice. Your candidate may win, or may lose. You might be pleased or disappointed, but you got on with life and lived another four years.

Not so this election. That is the big issue a lot of people don’t seem to understand. That is why so many are frustrated and angry.

This year, again, we have two different candidates from two different parties. We have all the usual ideas, platforms, solutions, etc. I accept the fact that different people with different viewpoints and different attitudes can have honest differences. I accept the fact that our team could win or our team could lose. And I accept the fact that life must go on and we get another chance in four years. Or, at least, I could have accepted that but for the following.

This year we had additional concerns that were never there before, or certainly not at the same level. I remain frustrated, not about people’s choices over the issues, but that about half the population seems to think the list below is no big deal, and the other half thinks these are critical and outweigh everything else.

What’s different about this election? Here's the short list.

1. The media, like never before either refused to pursue the answer to questions, or were actively releasing propoganda for Obama. Any one thing from the list below would have been front page news for days had it been the opposing candidate. Obama, however, was not investigated or questioned seriously. He was given a pass on every issue.

2. The Democratic candidate was the least experienced, lowest ranking, most unqualified candidate ever put forward by any party - ever. A study showed that less than 10% of Americans would actually support his policies based on his voting record and without Obama listed as the candidate. This is a politician that eliminated other people running against him on technicalities - twice - he ran uncontested both times. A politician whose promises of tax cuts were all broken once elected.

3. He has no significant writings, no significant legislation, no significant experience of any kind - except on the streets.

4. Important documents and history covering over half his life, and the most critical parts, were suppressed and/or unilaterally declared off-limits. This includes denial of access to family and friends, as well. - i. e. no possible way to obtain background information or character references. None of this is available even if the investigative journalists actually investigated him.

5. Of the part of his life that WAS known, we find inadequately disclosed (lies) mysterious links and associations with:

Extreme Racists
Radical Muslims
Chicago's Machine
The New Socialist Party - Obama is a member
Black Theological Church leaders

Extreme UN and One World Government Advocates - i.e. Worst kind of un-Americans
Enemy foreign governments
Entire extended family in foreign countries- Kenya, Indonesia
Some of closest family members highly placed in renegade foreign politics- Odinga
Corrupt politicians and operatives- too many to list
Radical rabble-rousing extortionists- again too many to list

Extensive campaign fraud - on several levels, and in several areas
Upwards of $100M in undisclosed foreign contributions,
Gestapo-like suppression of dissent,
Complete access denied by reporters if questioned,
Complete background check on individuals if questioned,
and the promised “Civilian security force”

And these are not just casual acquaintances but people or organizations he is known to have worked with on a frequent basis for some period of time. In some cases, at least weekly, for more than 20 years.

6. In addition we have the nagging suspicion that Obama could not pass a routine security clearance, and the even more distressing situation that he refuses to demonstrate that he is a US Citizen, and not a spy/imposter/usurper. His security clearance would be denied because of the above associations and the admittance of drug use. An FBI check would also show suspicion of homosexual relaitionships.

7. And last but not least, the promise to decrease funding of our military while we are at war.

Therefore, I cannot acknowledge the legitimacy of an elected official who wins by blatent, deliberate cheating. Who wins by lying - outright and by ommission. I cannot acknowledge the legitimacy of a President that refuses to show proof that he is eligible to be President. I cannot celebrate the election of our first black President when that person said (implied) that anyone who opposed or questioned him was racist. For me, this is one of the saddest aspect of Obama’s election, that the first black president is unqualified, dishonest, and employs the race card to advance his own personal ambitions.

I hope that I am not the only one who feels this way. I hope that people with more authority than I hold Obama accountable for the election fraud, campaign finance violations, out-right lies, and missing records. And I hope that the people of this Right-Center nation realize, sooner rather than later, that a Socialist who gets regular consultations from a Marxist revolutionary terrorist named William Ayers has just stolen and purchased the Presidency with help from our enemies.

I hope that there are people in place to protect us from this inexperienced, unlicensed lawyer/community organizer from Illinois that knows how to use speeches to "sell it". (per Bill Clinton)

I hope that I am wrong, and that the next four years will bring an economic upswing, tax cuts, affordable heathcare, elimination of poverty, increased employment, free daycare and preschool, .......no more wars- "I'll bring them home", no more enemies- "We'll just sit down and talk", no attacks on our country - 'because we'll all just get along', and no more worries- "My gas and mortgage will be taken care of."

This is the campaign Obama ran on, after all. These promises, whether stated or implied, in addition to the money, the media, and powerful connections, are what got him elected. Nothing else.

I fear that in a short time, half this country will be extremely disappointed, and the other half will still be angry and frustrated. I fear this the most because this is when our enemies will have won.

I will not sit back and wait for this to happen. I cannot and will not support this president and will not watch in the background as he rapes my Consitition, my Bill of Rights, my husband’s income, causes us to let go employees, and the list goes on–all in the name of fairness. I will continue to do what I can to get our country back for my children and their children.

Now that Barack Obama has “won” the election, we’re all being encouraged to unify for the sake of the country and to embrace this great historic event. I probably received 6 “time for unity” emails today. (Obama voters of course). I don’t know what they want me to do, exactly…Well, yes I do. They want me to shut up and forget about the rampant cheating, illegal campaign contributions, the lies, the reason behind the collapse, the unanswered questions about who Barack’s closest advisers really are, whether he’s actually eligible….Etc. In other words, now that the competition is over I am to be a good soldier and give “Dear Leader” the benefit of the doubt.

To that I say - Like Hell I will.

Ok, so that's the comment. Like the poster, I hope Obama is good news, but I personally don't like the vibes I get from him. Hopefully, he just made stupid mistakes in his associations and funding and votes, but the next four years (or next 8...first term is spent being reelected) should be the best indication. I hope we weren't all bought out like a bunch of media-controlled dum dums.

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More stuff

Post  ExoticWhiteMan on Sun Nov 09, 2008 12:34 am


This link was posted in reply to the comment above. I haven't read it yet, and this post may seem like a barrage of accusations at Obama, but remember, these are real possibilities. If you want to dismiss them, at least consider them first, and don't dismiss them for the wrong reasons.

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Re: What we have to fear

Post  Church1ll on Sun Nov 09, 2008 2:14 am

Wow. You know, this isn't the first time I've read a rant like that. Some of the election I did find somewhat odd, most notably the extensive media coverage and later on in the campaign the fact most of Obama's relatives aren't even US citizens. But I really can't say Obama is going to be the downfall of this country. I voted for McCain because I felt the country wasn't quite ready for the change Obama wanted to bring to it (in other words, take things slowly and do a little at a time). I admit it, and I feel no shame for it. Oh, and anyone who calls me a racist because I'm white and voted against the black guy, I say to you that you must be a terrorist for not believing in the right to vote for who you want to win. I actually had to say that already to a group of idiots who shouted out like raving lunatics that I was a racist on election day, and telling them that made them shut up extremely quickly. Any McCain supporter that runs into that little remark ought to remember that.

Anyway I'm getting way off topic there. This election, to me, was a massive joke. Too many people saw Obama as some sort of "savior" or something, and during each debate many people would continually act like a bunch of monkeys any time McCain began to so much as take a breath to talk. This is what I call a dick move, especially since many Obama supporters I have seen or heard from down here at Virginia Tech wouldn't be able to tell you anything about McCain's plan other than "he's Bush. Period." if you asked them. Point proven that too many people voted out of spite for Bush rather than weighing the pros and cons of both sides, which if you did good for you. I'm not being sarcastic there if you actually listened to both sides of the debate and thought about who you wanted to vote for then you actually deserve to vote. At this point I definitely sound like a sore loser and all pissed off that McCain lost, but here's the thing. I did not care who won this election. At all. To me, both candidates would have done an excellent job as president. McCain may not be the change everyone is looking for, but he also is not Bush. He also had similar plans that Obama had. Obama, while inexperienced (although McCain's choice in Palin cocks that argument up), could essentially be as Aaron puts it a "black JFK." Both, in my opinion, are qualified to be president of the United States, but remember that radically altering a nation, as many supporters from both sides feel is going to happen, does not happen simply because the people will not allow it. Humans are predictable creatures and enjoy the familiar with the occasional small amount of change to shake things up a bit. Even if Obama has radical new plans for the country, it will take several years to implement them and probably many more before the people accept them.

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Re: What we have to fear

Post  Gustavus_Adolfus on Sun Nov 09, 2008 2:24 pm

I'm just gonna keep it short and sweet.

Obama probably faced the most controversy over any other candidate that has ever ran EVER.

And upon being elected either two things will happen...He will either do what he said or not.

IF he does do what he said he would, those who don't have faith in him will admit that he is a good leader and a good president.

IF he does NOT do what he said he would, everyone will be pissed and I personally will go and egg the white house.

But as for now all this talk and pessimism against Obama is not going to help...in fact it will probably only hurt. We cannot say he is a bad president if he has not even claimed office yet...we must have faith because if we don't then what is the point of having elections?

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Re: What we have to fear

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