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Post  Church1ll on Sat Nov 15, 2008 4:53 am

There is apparently a massive cloud of smog that is in our atmosphere currently spanning from the Persian Gulf to Japan and is approximately three kilometers thick. It flows through the jet stream, which means it will make its way here rather quickly. The results of this unimaginable cloud of pollution poses more severe threats than the global warming nuts could ever scare you into believing. And here's why:

  • Less sunlight: This sounds somewhat contradictory to global warming, but remember that the sun is one of two sources of life on this earth, water being the other. Several cities beneath the pollution have reported a 25% decrease in average sunlight, making everything outdoors less visible.

  • Less crops: If there's less sunlight, there will be less crops. Less crops means less food for these regions as well as an increase in the price of crops imported from them. The crops that do grow will likely be of a much lesser quality as well.

  • Respiratory problems: If this crap is in our atmosphere we are certainly breathing it in. This will cause all sorts of respiratory problems, especially to children and the elderly. People with asthma will likely need to wear a mask or just not go outdoors for extended periods.

  • Global warming: I know I said the thing about global warming nuts but hear me out here. This cloud of pollution won't just keep the heat from escaping the earth once reflected from the surface, it will absorb it. No matter how much effort the world puts into reducing emissions so heat can be reflected, it will never remember that the heat isn't just blocked from escaping but is being absorbed in our pollution as well. The ozone layer is also heavily damaged by this cloud as well, causing more heat and solar radiation to enter our atmosphere and hit us which will lead to more cases of heat stroke, heat exhaustion, and skin cancer. Oh, and the polar ice caps melting will also be an issue, too but mentioning that at this point is like saying Bill Gates is obscenely rich...actually this whole point was like saying Bill Gates is obscenely rich.

If I missed anything, just comment below. You know the drill.

...I should probably stop posting at ridiculous times like 4am...

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