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Al Qaeda is doomed Empty Al Qaeda is doomed

Post  ExoticWhiteMan on Wed Nov 19, 2008 1:31 pm

Thankfully, despite how you feel over tax plans and health care and all the other issues that divided us this election, Obama will still carry on our ruthless hunt for Al Qaeda, specifically in Pakistan. He's said before, that he would be willing to carry out attacks across the border to go after Al Qaeda, essentially what Bush is doing now with Predator drones. So, although many oppose the handling of the war, at least Obama won't blindly reject all of Bush's ideas, and will see that killing the terrorists is still important. Come to think of it, no one's really brought up specifics of how the war was mishandled. The only things I can think of is declaring victory too early (easy mistake, give them a break), and not having the right balance of troops between the two countries. Other than the fact that we went in, for the war itself, I don't find much wrong with how Bush handled it, unless you call refusing to leave as people blow each other up mishandling.

I got a little off topic there, but this article is really about Al Qaeda's No. 2 criticizing Obama, surprisingly, calling him a house "slave" (paraphrase for racial slur). He also claims that we have admitted failure in Iraq and Afghanistan, which is crap, and also insults Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell, which is more crap. He also brings up another charge: that Obama's father is a Muslim, and that Obama became Christian only so he could rise through our country's ranks. I'll have to look into that, but considering how little attention Obama's childhood and family got from the media (excluding his exotic relatives), I doubt I'll find much. Zawahiri does, though, say that Obama has been left a mess to deal with in Iraq. I'm further doubting this man's intelligence, though. Iraq is improving, and we will scale back operations soon. I think I mentioned in another topic that all but 5 Iraqi provinces are under Iraqi control. That sounds like some success to me, and if tens of thousands of Americans are transferred to Afghanistan, I don't think Al Qaeda will stand a chance. But hey, I'm no Muslim terrorist hiding in a cave, just an American reading the internet, so what do I know. Sounds like bluffing to me.

It looks like Al Qaeda's last hope is long buried. Their last hope was Obama being spineless, and withdrawing from the Middle East, apologizing like an unpatriotic wimp all the way. Thankfully, the Republicans are deceitful in their stereotypes of Democrats, and Obama will stay there and kick their sorry terrorist asses. Even if we disagree about everything about our economy, at least we agree that Al Qaeda needs to be annihilated.

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