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Black or White? Empty Black or White?

Post  Church1ll on Sun Dec 14, 2008 10:27 pm

I love hearing people discuss Obama's race. It's always fun listening to people argue whether or not he is actually black, mostly to determine whether or not he gets the title of "the first black president."

Here's something these people don't seem to understand: Obama isn't black or white. He is both, something that is far better than being just white or just black if you really want to put race on the line. Think about it: Obama is the first multiracial president. That is the real symbol of change in attitudes toward race: people did not elect just a black man or just another white man, they elected both.

Ask any black person that survived the Civil Rights Movement if they ever thought they'd see a black man as president and chances are they would have answered "not in my lifetime." Ask the same question but replace 'black man' with 'multiracial man' and chances are they would answer "not in my grandchild's lifetime."

So if you hear people saying Obama is only half-black so he's not the first black man elected president, tell them they're right...he's the first multiracial man elected president.

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