The Biggest "WTF is wrong with these people" Ever

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The Biggest "WTF is wrong with these people" Ever Empty The Biggest "WTF is wrong with these people" Ever

Post  Church1ll on Mon Dec 22, 2008 12:07 am

Read the articles. Both of them. Hear that sound? It's the sound of yours and every taxpayers' jaws hitting the floor. Taxpayers deserve better than this. How could anyone even remotely state the bailout was a good idea when that massive of an amount of taxpayer dollars went towards making these fuck-ups comfortable and happy. Nearly every bank getting bailout money gave its executives massive bonuses in the form of stock options, salary raises, all kinds of offers. Seriously, what the fuck. Anyone that didn't see this coming obviously has no clue as to how greedy most of these corporate scum are. They are worse than the impoverished who feed on fear. They are worse than gangbangers. They are the worst kind of people. They don't deserve any amount of money. They don't deserve their jobs, their benefits. They don't deserve anything.

Taxpayers deserve much better than this if we are to believe this country is not run by the rich and corrupt.

Edit: I misread one of the articles...the $1.6B or w/e is from 2007. Still, that amount is equivalent to the amount of money over 50 corporations received in bailout money. That's still ridiculous.

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