Here's some Islamic irony

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Here's some Islamic irony Empty Here's some Islamic irony

Post  ExoticWhiteMan on Tue Feb 17, 2009 10:12 am

The guy in this article is the founder of a TV station that's supposed to counter negative Muslim stereotypes concerning 9/11 and terrorism. Yup, as in, make Islam seem like a nice, peaceful religion that many people claim it to be. While many Muslims are peaceful people, I find it hard to ignore the tendency of Muslim groups to rule with an iron fist, force barbaric Sharia law into their country's laws, suppress the rights of their own women, call for the beheading of all Americans in protests from London to Tehran, and kill huge amounts of civilians for their cause. I'm sure many people interpret this religion in a peaceful way. I get the feeling, though, that in the same way that medieval Europeans slaughtered each other despite all being Christian, extremist Muslims are using their beliefs as a reason to brutally kill anyone who believes otherwise. Even the Sunnis and Shiites, whose only difference is how a leader is chosen, fight each other as bitter enemies. Thankfully, Christians aren't that friggin idiotic anymore for the most part, but it'd be nice if the extremist nutjobs of the Middle East and elsewhere would also learn that it's not a big deal to believe differently from someone else.

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