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Hold Up. WTF Did You Say?!? Empty Hold Up. WTF Did You Say?!?

Post  Church1ll on Tue Mar 10, 2009 7:53 pm

So I was watching the news and heard about Obama's plan to overhaul the educational system of this country. Shortly after an opinion was given by a woman who declared that the country should put all its money and effort into saving failing companies and ignore the unimportant things like education and health care. I'm sorry, did you seriously just say education and health care are "unimportant things?" I am convinced this moron must have owned a company, made millions of dollars, and then never did a single thing while her company sank once she discovered the government would bail it out. But before I get into my reasoning for such an assumption, allow me to make this perfectly clear:


Alright, got that little part out of the way but I will go back to it. Above I said she must have owned a company, made a ton of money, let her company sink, and CEOs are greedy. I believe I am entirely justified in that assumption and here is why:

  • Don't ever say that it is not the CEOs fault for a company sinking. CEOs run a company, that is their only job. Running a company includes making sure the company is actually turning a profit. If the CEO is making millions of dollars a year, be it from salary or stock options, that means the CEO has finished paying off all costs of the company's operations and paid all employees before pocketing their share of the money, usually an astronomical amount compared to the wages of the common worker.

  • Last I checked, the current amount of tax-payer dollars going toward saving the economy is around 2.3 TRILLION DOLLARS. I am willing to bet more than half of that will go into the pockets of the CEOs of the companies this country is trying so desperately to "save."

  • If these CEOs truly cared about their companies, they would take their millions and millions of dollars and put it into saving the companies THEMSELVES. That way, the working American citizen isn't the one paying for these assholes' mistakes. Don't even try and say "they need that money" because no one needs that much money. In fact, people who at one point made around $100K a year discovered they could actually live off about $20K a year, which includes all taxes and necessities paid.

  • NEVER say if the government didn't step in and give bailout money the economy would be worse. The economy is already and is still in an out-of-control downward spiral and isn't going to change any time soon. The government should have kept that money to be used on important things like education and health care, two crucial things this country desperately needs at this time.

Now I'm going to give a fairly general opinion of mine, primarily because I am disgusted by the state of welfare in this country and the fact that there are actually people in this nation that take advantage of it. Anyone who is homeless or at such a terrible state of life that he/she might as well be homeless should be in the military. End of story. Don't laugh, roll your eyes, or say "wow wtf is wrong with you." It is brilliant and here's why:

  • Health coverage
  • Food and water
  • Shelter
  • Discipline
  • A job that actually pays fairly well for what you are doing

I am dead serious about the above, plus think of all the money saved on welfare. That money can go toward fixing Social Security, which is not welfare and don't say it is.

Now, on to a very important thing here, education. With education, children become smarter which in turn leads to more people involved in advanced fields such as medicine and engineering...and would also mean we won't have retards thinking a flawed equation is perfect because it makes them money or to take risks because the government believes you to be smart enough not to lend out enough money to buy a mansion to someone barely making more than $50K a year. Moving on. If money is placed into the educational system, schools will not be forced to cut programs or teachers. I am not saying to keep every single teacher, only the good ones. A good teacher can teach calculus to a class of idiots and succeed while a bad teacher will fail at the task when the class is full of geniuses. With more money in the educational system, theoretically that means teachers' pay will also be higher. This will then lead to more people actually wanting to be teachers, which means more opportunities for good teachers to be in the classroom. Maybe I'm not explaining this well enough, but anyone who has had a good and bad teacher will know exactly what I am trying to say.

If you look at Canada and the European nations, two regions with health insurance for everyone, you'll notice that their standard of living is not very different from our own. In fact, their people are actually healthier than ours. If they can get health insurance to every one of their citizens and not have their citizens bitch about the taxes attached to it, then why can't it work here. People need to realize that taking the risk doesn't cut it when our people are overweight and getting hit with all sorts of breakouts that conveniently start (or people actually start noticing) right around the time people get sick of something the government is doing. Oh, and for the record, stem cell research is a good thing. It can cure diseases and maybe even cancer. Last time I checked, that helped people.

Maybe if that bitch suddenly contracted a disease she wouldn't think the government putting money in health care was such a bad idea. Or perhaps one of her kids will fail out of school. Maybe then she'll think that the educational system needs a revamp.

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Hold Up. WTF Did You Say?!? Empty Re: Hold Up. WTF Did You Say?!?

Post  Gustavus_Adolfus on Fri Mar 13, 2009 11:56 am

Banking CEOs have been greedy in the past, however consumers have not been helping any of the matters:

check this little video out, its short but explains things really well.


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