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Post  Church1ll on Thu Jun 04, 2009 12:05 am

Our society thrives on the basis that everyone is equal in terms of gender, ethnicity, whatever. And yet equality does not exist. It won't exist for a very long time, unless suddenly our society decides to change.

I say this for a handful of reasons, but the only one that really matters is the most obvious: equality will never exist unless we as a society (and as a whole in general) cease the meaningless practice of dividing people in to groups based upon appearances. I only say appearances because saying someone is Russian or Mexican or whatever simply points out where that person is from in the world. Even that becomes twisted sometimes though. The biggest offender of this comes from non other than the label "African-American." For whatever reason, some people become offended when called "black," with idiots like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, quite possibly the two biggest racists in the United States at the moment, essentially calling for public outcry every time someone utters the term. I've always wondered why the term "African-American" is better than "black" primarily because not all those considered black are from Africa to begin with, just as not all African-Americans are black (remember: South Africa is roughly 9% white).

In all seriousness, once you are born in America, you become American. I don't consider myself Italian-Irish-German-Hungarian-American; I consider myself American because I was born in America. I may have Italian, Irish, German, and Hungarian blood flowing through my veins but I have never even been to any of those countries to begin with. I highly doubt many blacks currently residing in this country have ever even been to Africa, let alone be born there.

You may have noticed I've condemned the usage of terms such as "black" and "white" as it prevents equality, but I myself use them. I do this primarily out of habit, but it also makes some points a little easier to get across. Anyway, back to my point.

Racism will exist whether we want it to or not. It will exist because we insist on separating ourselves based upon the color of our skin. We label each other and have been programmed in such a way as to imagine a specific kind of human being when certain words are uttered. I'll provide a bit of an example: when you hear the word "scholar" what comes to mind? When you hear the word "thug" what comes to mind? Chances are you pictured a white or Asian person for scholar and black or Latino person for thug. It's ok, you can admit it (if I put "terrorist" everyone would picture a Muslim looking like Osama bin Laden). When you see a white man running down the street in a city you probably assume he's late for work, while assume a black man running is because the police aren't too far behind. Our past has allowed these thoughts to arise and our over exposure to the media simply adds fuel to the fire.

For some reason people believe that racism only applies when a white man or woman discriminates against someone who is not white. This is the strangest misconception I've ever heard primarily because the definition of racism does not specify which race is doing the discriminating. Rush Limbaugh recently stated that Sonia Sotomayor is guilty of "reverse racism," or racism directed toward whites. Considering Limbaugh is pretty open about calling Sotomayor a racist, claiming she is guilty of reverse racism would mean that she isn't a racist at all, not that she is racist against whites. This is a major problem with our society because we have become so absorbed with the past that we forget that we live in the present. Does white racism (as in, whites being racist towards non-whites) exist today? Absolutely. Will it ever go away? Probably not...it all depends on how people are raised.

If there's anything you should be getting out of this rant on racism, I hope that you notice that I have not once said anything about whites being better than non-whites and vice versa. The thing is, there is no proof that any one ethnic group or race is better than another at anything. Don't tell me blacks are better than whites in sports and don't tell me whites are better academically than blacks. It isn't true. Those in professional sports are there because they are the best at what they do, not because of their skin color. Those in college aren't there because of their skin color (well, in the case of affirmative action they are) but because they are intelligent enough to be there (except those on athletic scholarships...only some are actually smart enough to graduate with a difficult degree). But remember: we are all human beings here. Our skin color doesn't make us different in any way except appearance.

I'd like to now go into sexism very quickly, because this one is pretty similar to racism. Sexism is an odd one to discuss mostly because of how ridiculous it is. Men, you aren't better than women. Women, you aren't better than men. There is no proof anywhere out there that indicates men are any better than women at anything and vice versa. Except childbirth. But I won't count that because biologically speaking men can't give birth (taking a massive crap doesn't count...except in the case of TimeSplitters 3 where it's just funny as all hell running past an outhouse hearing the occupant claiming it feels like giving birth...moving on now).

While I'm on the subject of sexism, I'd like to point out that technically speaking, feminism is sexism. I'm not talking about feminism in the equal rights sense, I'm talking about the extreme feminism. You know, the kind that claims men are the cause of all the world's problems? That's sexism right there.

I've said this many times before, but religion doesn't exactly try and accept others. It is one thing to have faith; it provides hope, answers to unanswerable questions, guidelines to living a happy life, but from what I know from other people it isn't exactly tolerant. Strangely, the phrase "love thy neighbor" is forgotten by the hardcore followers. I'm not sure how many religions actually use that specific phrase, but I do know they all have some form of it somewhere in their respective sacred texts. Equality cannot happen in this country unless people accept the fact that gays exist, and yes they do exist outside humanity. Considering animals do things by instinct, it is a pretty safe bet that homosexuality is natural in humans as well as by choice (not every animal follows instinct either). Now, I've only read the Bible once (gasp!) and I'm pretty sure there wasn't anything in there about condemning gays to the fiery pits of Hell or it being an affront to God or whatever. It does say it is unnatural, that much I do know. I know in Islamic cultures men and women are separated and as such a rise in homosexuality has occurred, and yet the only way to be arrested (remember now: in Islamic cultures, Islamic laws are national laws) is if the act of homosexuality were done in public, just as the act of heterosexuality in public would result in punishment. There are always going to be problems if people refuse to just stop and think for a moment before assuming people are evil because of their sexual preferences.

I'm now going to close and say that our country, and the world in general, probably will never truly have equality. Until everyone can get over the past and just accept it happened and move on, equality will not exist. Until everyone can look beyond religious backgrounds or lack thereof, equality will not exist. Until our cultures can coexist, equality will not exist.

As a last thought, let this statement sink in:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness."
-Thomas Jefferson, 1776

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Post  Gustavus_Adolfus on Tue Jun 09, 2009 11:29 am

In regards to your Jefferson quote, a lot of the founding members of the Contiental Congress did not like that quote (because many of them believe that NOT all men were created equal....they owned slaves).

I do agree that in today's time that equality is promoted however on college applications and any OTHER APPLICATION there is always a race/ethnicity category....I believe that to be BS. I also think affirmative action is reverse racism and what needs to be done instead is actually GIVING the poorer school districts proper funding and making sure those funds actually WORK....

Look at atlantic city. The school is massive and beautiful and they get millions of dollars in state funding because its an abbed disctrict, however the money is not spent on good extracuricular activities or better teaching salaries (for better teachers).....no it is spent on unneccessary expenditures like a 10 million dollar clock tower.

Race will always matter, but my hope for the future people will regard race as a way of describing someone's attributes rather than discriminating.

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