Civil Rights Failure? Allow Me to Disagree Wholeheartedly

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Civil Rights Failure? Allow Me to Disagree Wholeheartedly Empty Civil Rights Failure? Allow Me to Disagree Wholeheartedly

Post  Church1ll on Fri May 14, 2010 8:32 pm

Read that article and tell me if you happened to figure out how arresting someone who failed to produce a driver's license after being pulled over for a traffic violation is a "civil rights failure." Oh, turns out she's an illegal immigrant you say? And she also happens to have been brought over here at the age of eleven and never bothered to attempt acquiring proper documentation so she could remain here legally when she was older (this applies to her parents as well)? Well, good lord, I do say we have a civil rights failure! Someone broke the law, but because she happens to be non-white we should just ignore it. Never mind the fact that she was already breaking the law by operating a motor vehicle without a license, but I guess obtaining one would have caused the authorities to discover she was an illegal then, too. But, you know, let's all forget that because she isn't white and isn't male, so if we do anything it's automatically racist and sexist right?


I could not give a flying shit if this woman was ten seconds from receiving her college diploma. I don't give a rat's ass if she were white, brown, black, purple, rainbow, whatever. I don't care if she is female, male, trans, or whatever. If you are in this country illegally, you can bet your sorry ass you will be arrested and deported once you are found. Enough is enough. We should not let every single person who wants to live here just waltz on in. You need to be documented like everyone else.

Now, do I agree the rules on immigration should be lessened? Absolutely. That citizen's test is absurd as it has nothing to do with being a citizen. All it proves is that you know a small amount of American history and some facts about our government, despite the fact that many current citizens would fail it. The other requirements, for the most part, are decent enough. I do agree that you should know at least some English before coming here, or at the very least take the time to learn some (which, if you become a citizen legally, you should know as one test is a basic English test).

Now, I'm going to go off topic a bit an discuss my opinion of the controversial Arizona immigrant law. I do believe it is a pretty good law, one that has an "about time" feel to it. Some people say it will promote racial profiling, and yes, it will. You know what, though? Arizona shares a border with only one country:


So, for all of you geniuses out there claiming the law promotes racial profiling, what kind of people do you think the illegal immigrants are? White? False. They are going to be 99% of the time Hispanic, and more than likely of Mexican origin assuming the person in question isn't border hopping. For all of you Mexican-Americans out there here legally, blame your friends who aren't here legally for this new law. In a country that makes new laws and regulations because one person screwed up, you should have seen it coming when thousands and thousands started screwing it up (although for all I know it's in the millions and I don't care to look it up). Illegals cost our country a ton of money we should be spending elsewhere, so this law was only a matter of time.

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