Sex Party to heat up Australian politics

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Sex Party to heat up Australian politics Empty Sex Party to heat up Australian politics

Post  PokerFace on Sun Nov 23, 2008 12:30 am

Source: Sex party to heat up Australian politics

The Australian Sex Party, established in response to the sexual needs of Australians and to the conservative politics that has been dominant in Australia, is a party that describes itself as "serious about sex."
The beginnings of this part came about because of the Australian government's decision to put a mandatory filter on the Internet. Under this filter, pornographic and other inappropriate material will be blocked by Internet service providers from houses and schools. The original purpose of this is to shield children from this material. For those wanting to be exempt from this service, an opt-out option is available.

I didn't summarize the last bits of the article, just because it was a lot of quotes. I guess it was obvious why I decided to read this article. It's true, sex sells!

As stated in the full article, I thought that it was a bit extreme to be filtering the Internet for pornography and other "inappropriate material." While I'm not particularly concerned about the porn industry, I thought that the the party convenor, Fiona Patten, raised a good point in saying that "this filter actually blacklists any adult site so it means that material which is absolutely legal for an adult to buy in a news agency in Australia, they will be prohibited from viewing it online."

I'm not quite sure of a solution to the problem of protecting the children, but I don't think that this is it. Maybe parents should exercise a bit tighter control over their children, or maybe just make personal filters for computers rather than a filter for the whole country.

I'll have to keep tabs on this, though. This looks like an interesting development!


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