Aussie Mayor Wins Sexist "Award" For Inviting Ugly Women To Town

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Aussie Mayor Wins Sexist "Award" For Inviting Ugly Women To Town Empty Aussie Mayor Wins Sexist "Award" For Inviting Ugly Women To Town

Post  PokerFace on Sun Nov 23, 2008 12:18 am

Source: Aussie mayor wins sexist 'award' for inviting ugly women to town

This article reported an Australian mayor who invited "beauty-disadvantaged" women to move to his town with the promise that they would find a man there. Mayor John Moloney of Mount Isa was chosen to be the recipient of the Golden Ernie Award, one of many awards that aim to shame men for sexism, for telling a newspaper that his town was a place for "ugly ducklings to flourish into beautiful swans" because in his town, there is a greater population of males than females.
He justified his invitation by stating that he saw many unattractive women in his town that were enjoying themselves. Similarly, he said that if obese women moved there, they would be able to lose weight. "There's a great incentive because there's just that much attention focused on them and they become interested in looking better--and in no time they just shed it."
Needless to say, he was confronted by many protesters, to which he replied: "The protesters are blaming me for their looks." Another justification he gave was that he "had a lot of e-mail responses from women around the world who wanted to come to Mount Isa and no doubt some of those people have come to Mount Isa and found the happiness they sought."

Well I think it's pretty obvious what I think about this whole mess. Honestly, if I were given such a proposition, I would never agree to it just because I find it so insulting. I'm not even going to enter the whole sexism debate. I'm just taking it for what it is, an inappropriate comment that was made. I think it is very insulting to point women out because of their looks on such a public scale, and even more insulting to call out women that you think have no chance of finding happiness to a mostly male inhabited town under the grounds that: "Hey, these men are probably really horny, so they're BOUND to get some!" It bothered me that he said it would be a good thing for these women to move there because it would change their looks and make them more appealing. I'd also feel pretty irritated to be a woman currently living in that town. I ugly because I live in your town?

Another thing that irritated me was that he thought the protesters were protesting because THEY didn't look good. Hm. Maybe they're protesting because he made an unfair and impolite statement? No, that couldn't be it. They're just ugly. (Obviously, sarcasm.) I don't quite know where he thinks he has the right to say things like these, but it's intriguing to me that he doesn't seem to see how it could be offensive at all and kept trying to justify it.

And for those women that apparently genuinely found happiness...I'm happy for them, I really am!


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